Algeria: Restrictions on Ahmadis' freedom of expression a concern | Amnesty

"The repression that struck the Ahmadis last year is alarming. This wave of arrests and prosecutions of Ahmadis clearly shows that the authorities are tightening restrictions on freedom of expression in the country"

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Source/Credit: Saphire News
By Hanan Ben Rhouma | June 29, 2017

It is not good to be Ahmadis in Algeria.

Six people were convicted on Wednesday (June 28th) by the Batna Court of Appeals (430 km from Algiers) for "unauthorized collection of donations, activity in an unauthorized association and distribution of documents infringing The national interest." Five of them were sentenced to a one-year prison term while the sixth was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence.

Arrested last February, they were convicted and sentenced in first instance between two and four years in prison and fined 300,000 Algerian dinars (2,400 euros). The sentences were reduced but they guilty in the eyes of the authorities while the Ahmadis claim their innocence. This is the heaviest sentence imposed on members of the Ahmadi community.
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