Wonder Woman returns

When Titan Comics published a Wonder Woman Special Edition last month it seemed it was a one-off, but presumably sales were good enough to warrant an ongoing status, and Wonder Woman No.2 is out now. 

Wonder Woman's UK comic has some excellent material too, as it features the first three parts of The Lies, the sensational storyline by Greg Rucka and Derby-born Liam Sharp. 

"In this issue we're featuring parts 1-3 of “The Lies”, in which Wonder Woman tries to rebuild her mission as Earth’s ultimate protector and champion. Daughter of the Amazonian Queen, Hippolyta, Princess Diana of Themyscira is one of the greatest super heroes in history.

She fights for truth and justice, and against cruelty and oppression, with god-like power and her Lasso of Truth. But who is she, really?"

Wonder Woman No.2 is available from WH Smith, selected newsagents, and comic shops, or you can order it directly from Titan Comics here:

...and if you want to see some of the original artwork, along with other pieces from Liam's 30 year career, there's currently an exhibition of his work at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. More information here:

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