'Our own' upholding values, shame the Police can't


Harry Winks is seen as a future England player by Gareth Southgate who has limited option to choose from in that midfield link role. He impressed Mauricio Pochettino and caught the eye of th England boss too.

His recovery is such that he may well be ready for the start of the new season. Much is being made in the media of Adrien Silva, the Portuguese midfield who is too old for us at 28 now and 29 next March, but with the emergence of Winks he isn't needed, especially given the fee being mentioned.

This is the final season before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a country full of state controlled doping in a number of sports and a country who only have the World Cup thanks to the corruption that infested FIFA. It really is a travesty that the sponsors and FIFA are supporting bribery, corruption and doping by staging it there.

It doesn't surprise me, I have had my own dealings with the Police in Folkestone recently and they basically said they would allow the people who have committed crimes to get away with it and not support a victim.  So much for the sworn oath they take to be fair to all.

The matter will have to go the the Police Complaints Commission I can see, which raises the question, why is it the people in power can't be relied upon to do what should be the right thing? Why is corruption and crime acceptable to them? Do these people not have any standards? Low level crime pays according to the actions of the Folkestone Police Force, indeed if the Police are biased towards those who commit crime, then they are encouraging more crime. It doesn't make sense.

Harry Winks is like a breath of fresh air, as is Harry Kane. They give off an air of being nice clean cut, decent people, instead of the thugs that seem to inhabit the game. Chelsea has Ashley Cole shoot someone and nothing is done about it, he still maintained his position as a role model to kids.

Personally, the like of Harry Kane and Harry Winks are far better role models, indeed Tottenham as a unit under Pochettino are giving off the right sort of air. Would you want your children to learn from the foul mouthed tirades of Jack Wilshere, the gun toting Ashley Cole, the likes of John Terry and his family, Joey Barton, the list goes on.

Over in Spain the top three clubs have had transfer bans for illegal dealings, the biggest names in the game have been found guilty of tax fraud, with Ronaldo and Mourinho the latest accused, Liverpool have a ban on signing youth players thanks to their illegal activity and only recently they all but admitted they tap up players. I seem to recall us having to report Chelsea for the same thing. In both instances the clubs backed down to avoid being 'officially' accused and no doubt found guilty.

Over in Italy we have seen bribery and match fixing in the lower league and people in power not wanting smaller clubs to be promoted through the leagues. Football being a world sport should be upholding some sort of values, they seem to have gone out of the window to a large degree in today's society.

Tottenham, as a club, can't show potential sponsors they should support Spurs simply because others have unsavoury characters, but the club can promote itself as being of a certain image, of having certain standards, of standing for good.

If you run your mind through the Spurs side it is full of the type of characters to promote the 'decent person' image, Hugo Lloris, Mousa Dembele, Christian Eriksen. You can be top quality and be nice too, it doesn't cost anything extra to be a decent human being. Why do so many choose not to be?

For me it is hospital today, another hospital Friday and a blood test in a third hospital in between, three hospitals in a week, plus a visit to a doctor and none of it for my eyes!

I shall cling to the values of our skipper, of Mauricio Pochettino and of 'our own' in the Spurs of today.

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