Walker tells holidaymaker he is staying at Spurs


elow is the second pictureof Kyle Walker enjoying his holidays. In the first he told a group that he didn't want to lave Spurs and now this picture where he has stated is staying at Spurs.

It all rather contradicts what the national press are saying and reporters on Twitter who want to give us the impression they have the inside track on every story available.

They don't of course, you take an infamous Sky reporter, h seems to simply just read what is on the Internet and give non-committal answer based on that. We already know 'Sky Sources' is in fact the Internet.

Bumped in to today said he was staying with us . Hope he was telling the truth . Thanks for the photo 👍🏻

Logic and common sense seem to go out of the window for many when it comes to reporting transfer stories. They started when we were banned from Europe and the press needed something to fill the pages. They then stopped it, but such was the popularity of a transfer story that the transfer rumour was quickly brought back and has been with us ever since.

If you want to sell a paper, sensationalise a non-event or make it up has become standard practice. The version in the British press and the version abroad, for foreign player transfer stories, is often completely different and the British press to a large extent simply ignore foreign transfer news. That is understandable as it would destroy a story they are trying to run so they keep the wool,over your eyes and many a Muppet falls for it.

Will Walker stay or will he go, I don't know. If you remember at the start of all this I did report that it wasn't actually him who wanted to leave.

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