A specter is haunting the West…the specter of racism. All the powers of the West have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Pope and President, Obama and Cameron, student radicals and the American police state.

Where is the person or institution that has not been decried as racist by its opponents in power? Where is the White person that has not had to hurl back the branding reproach of racism at the more “progressivist” establishment parties, as well as against their Leftist advisers? Three things logically result from this fact:

  1. Racism is acknowledged by all Leftist authorities to be part of the power structure even though it is clear that Leftists themselves dominate this power structure.
  2. Whites need to address this stigma of racism openly and directly, in the face of the whole world – to publish their apologies, their failures, and their hopes – and to proceed as fast as possible to a final solution of the problem itself. 
  3. This is also the most subversive thing to do vis-à-vis the Leftist power structure, of which racism and its various moral and political derivatives are part.

To this end, I, as an American White person of various European nationalities, have sketched out the following proposal.

A Regrettable Past

Since mankind first stood upright, he has engaged in a struggle for survival. This struggle has always been violent wherever mankind has spread out across the Earth. By the commonly accepted hegemonic moral code of today – essentially a moral form of the Nash Equilibrium – the two most insidious manifestations of this conflict have been conquest and slavery.

A tribe or nations would conquer another’s territory and then enslave the defeated to work the land. Even worse was the practice of enslaving others from a distant, unconquered territory and bringing them back to work land they had never set foot on before. Yes, hello, Black people!

History is mainly made up of racism (except where elephants were used).

Wherever we look across the globe at any time in history somebody was doing this to somebody else. Whether it was the Muslims conquering the Christian lands of North Africa or the Japanese depriving the Ainu of their northern islands, conquest has been the main tactic in the game of survival. Slavery was the other constant play in the game.

Hashtag Black Lives may Matter, but one only has to consider the millions of Blacks taken over the Sahara for over a century to Muslim slave markets so realize that before the invention of the hashtag, none of this meant anything. Black lives simply didn’t matter to other blacks. African tribes enslaved other tribes and sold them to the highest bidder, whether Muslim or European.

This brings us to the question of why Whitey ended up holding the blame baby. Let’s face it, we White people are special. We have a dark magic within us. On the surface our actions have been no different from other peoples. Our conquest of the Americas from the Indians was no different from the Muslim conquest of North Africa from the Christians. Our enslavement of Blacks was no worse than the Muslim enslavement of Blacks, but somehow only we’re in the wrong because of our unique dark magic that links the actions of all Whites to all other Whites while atomizing every other historical group to atomized moral individuals whose actions and evils exist in isolation.

Failed Fixes

Over the course of the past 200 years we’ve tried various ways to make up for this. After Emancipation in America we tried Segregation. Today we look back at this as a yet another “terrible injustice” – the thing about the Nash moral equilibrium is it involves quite a lot of wobbling. But, at the time Segregation was successful in the sense that seemingly every generation of blacks was gaining a better standard of living than previous ones – and surely that’s all that now counts in a world where shopping malls need to have their floors polished.

Bolstered by Booker T. Washington and young Malcom X’s advocacy of their people to stand on their own two feet and work hard to create their own communities for their betterment they were, as we say, “getting their shit together.”

Segregation: Black and White people had
to drink coke from separate bottles.

But that wasn’t good enough. The problems still lingered. They were still “oppressed” to the point where ungracious opponents of the West, like those moral paragons, the Communist World, could talk of the "unfairness" of American society. So, we reversed course and tried integration and colorblindness.

Surprisingly for some, this has been an unmitigated disaster. Blacks are far worse off than they were under Segregation as shown by their sky-high rate of illegitimacy, incarceration, drug use, violent crime, poverty, and ability to keep their pasts near the waist region.

Added to this is the “institutional racism” that has not only effected blacks but every Non-White that has come to these shores in mass numbers since the 1965 Immigration Act opened the gates to them. Our unique evil has also manifested itself into the White Privilege that hurts non-whites no matter what we try, and fills the air about us with a cloud of micro-aggressions.

Our European cousins across the pond have fared no better. To atone for their past of colonialism, they have let enormous numbers of former colonial subjects colonize them in reverse. Once there, a policy of multiculturalism was instituted to make the new arrivals feel “at home.” That failed just like our policies here in America. Highlighted by the endless riots in France and Great Britain, the ancestral continent of the Whites suffers from the same White supremacist power structures as its former colonies. The good we attempt merely evaporates while only our unique evil endures.

A Final Solution

So how do we at last put an end to this lingering specter of racism? How do we atone for the past and put an end to this White Supremacy thing that keeps on showing up like a bad penny?

My solution is this: White only countries. We simply can’t live with Non-Whites. Whenever we live amongst them we end up unwittingly oppressing them. The racism flows from our fingers, even if we wear gloves, and oozes out of our eyes, even from behind shades. All the policies we’ve tried have failed because of this – our unique evil. Non-whites are never safe amongst us, even when several of them are gang stomping one of us.

We brought them here in chains and even after we “freed” them we kept right on exploiting them as icons to atone for our sins. It’s time to stop using them, dammit! Time to let them go. To set them free.

A White Liberal committing the famous "nappy hair" micro-aggression.

How do we do this? All the trillions of dollars that have been used to intentionally oppress Blacks should be spent on planes and ships to send them back to their home continent. Haven’t they suffered amongst us long enough?

The same thing goes for all those families that have immigrated here since the 1960s who are now starting to be oppressed the way Blacks were before they got here. Our European cousins will have to do the same thing. As Matthew Tait pointed out at this year’s American Renaissance conference, a full 25% of people polled say it’s time to repatriate them. These more enlightened Englishmen know that Non-Whites can never peacefully live amongst Whites. It’s time to let them safely be amongst their own people in their own homelands.

Only this would solve the never-ending problem of Racism. If Racism is power + privilege there would be no Non-Whites for us Whites to have power or privilege over. There would be no bigoted neighborhood watch to profile them as they walk home from the corner store merrily chomping on a packet of Skittles. No racist cops drunk on power gunning them down as they cheerfully sauntered down the middle of the street greeting traffic as it mounted sidewalks to avoid them. No systematic racism on the lookout for some innocent Non-White to throw behind bars or do out of a job as brain surgeon or nuclear physicist.

The new phenomenon of “Safe Spaces” shows they want the same thing. A place where they can safely be amongst their own without Cis-White shitlords to oppress them. Is that too much to ask? Let them have it. The modern age has done away with the need for conquest. We Whites in the First World would have no need to conquer their lands once they are back in them. And modern technology has done away with the need for chattel slavery that brought many of them here.

Racism has got to end. The only way is for non-whites to be beyond our evil grasp. Whites only moral contagion zones countries is the solution.

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