Nigeria: Don't Use Ethic and Tribal Differences to Destabilise country, Ahmadiyyas Warn

Religion should unite us across all regions and ethnicity, because believers are united by the same principle of piety and righteousness as declared by Allah. -- Dr Fashola

Dr. Masuud Fashola addressed National Peace Symposium in June 2015 (File)
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Source/Credit: All Africa News
By The Guardian | June 30, 2017

The Ahmadiyah Muslim Jamat, Nigeria has stated that ethnic or tribal differences do not really constitute the problem of Nigeria, though some people have turned our tribal differences into serious problems.

Amir of the Jamat, Dr. Masuud Fashola said,the real enemy is injustice, corruption, fraud, ethnic rivalry exploited by evil and influential people to dominate, cheat, exploit, and undermine other groups, holding secret meetings. "At the end of the day, they bring about poverty, disease, disunity, and disaster on the people. God's wrath descends not because of our religious or ethnic differences but for widespread corruption and evil".

He said, the way out is for pious representatives of all ethnic and religious groups to come together to defend justice and equality, promote charity and good life for all citizens without any discrimination whatsoever and to oppose corruption and all evil conduct from whatever quarters they may emanate, as admonished by Holy Qur'an.
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